next-level gallery walls

I love a good gallery wall. They've been going strong for years with no end in sight, and with good reason! It's such a beautiful way to display a collection of art, with so many different ways to approach depending on your personal style and preferences. I tend to prefer a mash-up in every way for our own home, but can also appreciate a more refined approach with coordinated frames/mats/colors - I've done this for several clients and loved the results.

It was this room in Architectural Digest (below) that really stuck with me. I loved the idea of a whole-wall or whole-room gallery, only to be stopped by a wall, floor or ceiling. So much inspiration! Check out the pink canvas over the door - this would be an easy DIY to fill an odd spot!

Then, just after moving the wall of art in our living room to the dining room recently, I realized  the perfect opportunity was right in front of me. Not only will it bring some much-needed balance to the room, I love the idea of being cozily surrounded by wrap-around, to-the-ceiling art! I'd love to include floor-to-ceiling, but I'm not sure the furniture layout will allow this… we'll see. There's art scattered around the dining room at the moment, and I'm hoping to tackle the next installment this week! In the meantime…inspiration!

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