Four Weeks to Global Style in Your Home

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you had a great weekend.  

Today, I'm joining Stephanie of Casa Watkins Living and Corinna of A Designer at Home to kick off a fun series: 4 Weeks to a Global-Style Home. Each of us expresses our unique, eclectic, global style in a different way, and I'm looking forward to whatever these talented ladies might have up their sleeves! 

Global Style

I love the creative process, and in my opinion, the best rooms are those that come together over time. Thoughtful, personal details and layers that really make a house, a home. 

Because I like to leave flexibility for personality-filled art and accessories, I've learned to restrain myself a bit with the main pieces in a room, like furniture. Although I'm always drawn to ornate, detailed, colorful, pattern-full pieces, I also appreciate a little breathing space in a room - especially in a small home like ours where the main living space includes the kitchen, living room and dining room all open to one another. It can get cluttered-feeling very quickly if I'm not careful. For example, I LOVE a good, patterned sofa. But, if I had one in our living room, it would dictate - and limit! - so many decorating decisions in the neighboring spaces. So, I've learned to keep the bones of the space a bit more classic to allow the quirky touches to really shine.

This doesn't mean I have to leave behind more intricate pieces altogether! I love that this Moroccan end table (above) is a superstar in the room, with the white surroundings. The art, gold carved tray and other accents also bring in the rich details I'm crazy about. 

In my mind, it's similar to putting an outfit together. The accessories are often my favorite part of the outfit, and if I want them to really shine, I'll stick to clean, classic layers as a base. 

This doesn't mean all the furniture has to be neutral or boring! I LOVE our clean and classic sofa in the living room and banquette in the dining room, just like you might love your favorite pair of jeans. These pieces allow me the flexibility to bring in the colors, patterns and accents I love. It's about finding the right mix. The recent refresh of our TV console is a great example of this. For far too long, it sat in this sad, brown state begging for a paint job! I knew the room could handle some bright color, especially since this is really the focal point of the room. 



The console was a Craigslist find years ago, and although the finish was chipped and worn, the table itself is still a solid piece with lots more life left in it. A little light sanding and a few coats of paint, and I have a new piece of furniture! SO, our challenge to you this week is to take a little tour of your home or perhaps a local thrift store and identify a piece of furniture that could be given new life with a bit of TLC. Make it your own with as much color, pattern or personality as you like, and you'll have a good building block on your way to a room that expresses your unique style. Don't forget to visit Corinna and Stephanie for their global style tips this week!