One Room Challenge - week one - the plan!

Not so many months ago, our living room looked something like this...

Katie Gavigan Interiors Living Room

Then one day recently, craving some change in a few rooms, I moved all of the art from the living room into the dining room. Success! For the dining room, at least. The living room, not so much.

Katie Gavigan Interiors Dining Room

There are some great elements left in the living room, but it's feeling neglected and the One Room Challenge is just the motivation I need to tackle some long-delayed projects in this room…I'm excited! If you're new to the ORC, it's the blogging event like no other, where dozens (if not hundreds) of bloggers link up weekly for six consecutive Thursdays as they transform a space and share their progress, challenges and results. Big thanks to Linda from Calling it Home for hosting the whole shebang, and if you're new here…welcome! Last spring, our deck got a much-needed makeover thanks to the momentum and deadlines of this great ORC.  

Today, the living room looks something like this. It's time to address that cord situation, finally. And the media console is sad shape, but it's nothing a good coat of paint or two can't fix…which will surely inspire some fun styling, including disguising the dvd player and such. Under-console styling will be edited. End tables refreshed. Lamps and accessories re-thought. The matchstick shade on the left will be replaced to match the others in the room (something I've been meaning to do for years!!). 

Given that the walls are completely blank at the moment, new art will have the biggest impact. I have tons of ideas but haven't landed on a decision yet. As you can see, I even started taping a general layout for one of the ideas. This was weeks ago, and our walls still look like this. I'm getting pretty antsy do something about it! (This also gives you a peek at our new sofa - more on that later.)

Pencil and Paper Co.

So, art inspiration for the large TV wall! I was considering something like this color block wall that I've loved for awhile now, by Pencil and Paper Co.. It's so simple and brilliant, but part of me also wants to do something different (given they've mastered it already!). 

image  via

image via

Martha Stewart via  Design Addict Mom

Martha Stewart via Design Addict Mom

And, a few other ideas that have caught my eye recently. The yellows have really stuck with me - this isn't a color I've used much, but I've noticed I'm more drawn to it lately. These simple galleries are so striking and classy, right? Some are more do-able than others, with my limited art/diy skills. :)

The amazing Angela does the coolest things with canvas and paint, and I've been so inspired by her bold use of art. Part of me wants to try my hand at a few huge canvases! So, while I narrow down a decision for the main art wall, let's look at inspiration for the room as a whole. 

It may seem like my inspiration is all over the place, but these all resonate with me in a big way. Here are some of the common themes, and ones I'd like to incorporate in our space:

- Imperfect / lived in. This could be as simple as slouchy pillows or stacks of magazines/books, but to me these touches are non-negotiable in making a space feel truly welcoming. 

- A little quirky, unexpected. Personality to reflect the people who live there. (The zebra on the end table! Definitely gives the sense that a real person lives here, and makes the space come alive that much more.)

- Gotta have texture.

- Bold use of color/pattern executed in an interesting way (coordinated but not too match-y).

- It's all about the mix! There's no formula, but to me there has to be a little edge, a bit of contrast and juxtaposition. For spaces in our home, I typically lean heavy on traditional elements with some modern touches thrown in to keep it fresh. A little old world keeps it grounded.

So, newly inspired and ready to tackle some projects, I'm crazy excited about this transformation. Hope you'll join the fun! 

And for loads more inspiration, don't forget to head on over to Calling it Home where so many talented bloggers have linked up with their projects. Let's do this.