more office planning and thoughts about color

It's no secret I love blue. It shows up in a lot of my projects and in every room of our house, for sure. It's a go-to "neutral" that I fall back on again and again. I'm typically drawn to cool colors before warm ones. Or, I'll use just a shot of an intense color on the warm spectrum for contrast. 

Katie Gavigan Interiors

I've been thinking about this a lot while planning our new office / guest room. I really wanted to do something unexpected, inspiring…different. And kept finding myself gravitating towards blues and greens. Don't get me wrong - I don't have any plans to leave behind blues and greens. They are tried and true staples and are not going anywhere. 

But, for this project, I'm challenging myself to move outside of my typical wheelhouse. As I look at the office spaces that inspire me consistently, there are a few common threads that I really want to include in this space. They all lean just a little less feminine than my typical work in one way or another - some by incorporating clean-lined furniture, others with grounded color palettes or accessories that give the rooms an air of sophistication. I'm wanting style, not trendy. Timeless, not current. This may go without saying, but with such a saturation of design work at our fingertips in this world of social media, I find myself constantly going back to the basics, the classics, the masters for solid inspiration. Spaces that have stood the test of time. Don't get me wrong - I don't think design should be taken so seriously! I definitely love to have fun with it, and am constantly changing it up! But, I'm also challenging myself to take the style factor up a notch - with this project as well as others on the horizon. 

So…where a nice calm blue/green would have been a wonderful backdrop for the office space, I intentionally went bold and daring instead. Yes, it's still blue, but I don't think I'll get tired of it anytime soon! And as I said…blue is a neutral in my world, and allows for tons of flexibility to switch things up anytime. But for starters, my first exercise has to be pairing the blue with something other than pink. I'm quite sure I'll always love this combo, but it's become too safe for me. So…perhaps you'll instead see an appearance from a color in the orange family. :)

This also means it's time to say adios to the beloved ikat desk. It's been so good to me, but good things are also ahead!