One Room Challenge Week Two - Outdoor Space Makeover

Welcome to week two of the One Room Challenge! If you're just joining in, last week I shared tons of inspiration and background info (as well as 'before' pictures) and you can see it all here

As you can see (above), there has been progress!! House exterior painting job is nearly completed, and charcoal trim is in the works (and is so good!). Also pictured are a few of the pieces of furniture I've been collecting and hope to include as the plan unfolds. The view above gives you a better idea of the overall space and layout (as I promised last week). Large L-shaped deck with a small yard beyond. Our grass is a bit fickle, and considering the CA drought, we're considering letting it die and replacing with something drought-tolerant. This likely won't happen during the ORC timeframe, so we're just going to work around it for now! 

I'd love to do some kind of climbing vine on this pipe next to the window, but am concerned that over time it could interfere with the nearby gutters. Maybe we can train it to grow around the window instead? Still thinking this through, but intrigued! I also need to replace the lovely "curtain" you see through this window. This is our second bath, which really only gets used when guests come to stay, and hasn't been properly decorated at all. I'm a little embarrassed to tell you that the "curtain" is actually a piece of fabric, tacked in place. It does the job…but that's about it! So, a new window treatment needs to happen. 

Here, right here…pretty excited about this fun stuff. Although I said last week that I'm sticking with a more subdued color palette, you know there's going to be some color and whimsy. And stripes - there must be stripes. I'm hoping the floral/leafy fabric will cover some cushions. There's actually a perfect wicker sofa on Craigslist at the moment, but I'm not sure I'll be able to snag it before someone else does. (Schedule limitations, doesn't fit in my car…) 


Can't get enough of the black fences, and am so happy with this decision!

Next up: 

- Finish house & trim painting job

- Continue the search for the perfect larger furniture pieces (hoping for a sofa and dining set)

- Figure out if/how/where we can hang a hammock (purchased several years ago and waiting patiently for its debut).

- I have a few DIY projects in mind and need to get going on a couple of these!

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