One Room Challenge - Week Five (With sneak peeks!)

This was GO week! So much progress. But first, let's back up for just a sec...

The ORC is a very fun blog link-up sponsored by the awesome Linda of Calling It Home. Be sure to visit here for Week Five updates on dozens of room makeovers!

If you're new here, hi! Welcome! The project I decided to tackle is our deck. We've been in our house for more than five years and this space has been neglected pretty badly. I work best with a deadline and decided this accountability was just what I needed to create a usable, pretty and welcoming outdoor space. 

This week, I finalized the furniture layout. I mentioned last week that I was torn between placing the sofa in the back nook against the black fence, or here (below) along the back of the deck where you can see it from our living room windows (which I love). I also really like how it creates a barrier along the edge of the deck, for a cozier 'room' feel. We needed some separate areas to divide up the space a bit, and this arrangement won out. I loooove it. Here, I was playing around with pillow options. There will be a rug and ottoman in front of the sofa as well. 

This photo gives you a better idea of the deck layout. The sofa (above) is now in the right foreground of the photo below. As part of this project, we painted the exterior of the house, as well as the fences bordering the backyard. (thus the blue tape on the sliding doors here.) 

And around the corner towards the black fence we have...

A little eating area. For now, I'm using our dining room table here…and honestly, this may just have to do for awhile. If I find the perfect table, great! If not, it's pretty easy to pull this out through the sliding doors onto the deck. These chairs previously lived in our dining room as well, but have been in storage for a year or more. They're solid metal and can live up to some outdoor living. I painted them with outdoor spray paint and recovered the seat cushions with vinyl for durability. The vinyl color looks a little brighter here - it's more of a wine color.

It's true that this art won't live out here all the time, but I always LOVE this look in outdoor spaces, and will be including in the photos. I'll definitely bring it out for parties and such. More details on the art pieces next week.

I was planning to use an older rug I had in storage, but when I pulled it out this week I discovered it had significant damage. After a quick scour of local stores, Target had a great option (below). If you know me at all, you know I'm typically drawn to bright, contrasting, saturated colors. For this project, my goal was to keep things in a much more muted color palette, and it's been a really great exercise for me. As you can imagine, most outdoor rugs come in bright colorways. And, this is where my eye is naturally drawn as well. But I'm sticking with the neutral option…and really loving how it's all coming together. Don't get me wrong! There will be plenty of interest and whimsy and character…just not as many prints and saturated colors as usual. 

If you've been following along in previous weeks, you know that I was cautiously hopeful about hanging some curtains as a bit of separation between us and the empty (overgrown) lot next door. And…it happened!!!! I am ridiculously excited about this. 

…and this!! Cozy string lights for cozy nights. 

The background here gives you an idea of why I wanted the curtains! Now, instead of weeds as a backdrop to these lovely plants, we have simple, beautiful, white panels. Ahhhh….

If you follow me on instagram, you already caught a peek of this BEAUTIFUL GRILL COVER! Did you know those words could ever go together? My neither, until recently. Well, here she is, in all her glory. I can't take credit -- I provided fabric and dimensions, and my crazy talented sister turned it around in about a day!! (also, in the reflection you can see a fun little whimsical touch hanging on the curtain post :))

Next week, it's the big reveal! I feel great about where I'm at, and also know that all the little details always take longer than I think. Knowing that final styling (my favorite) is just around the corner keeps me pushing ahead. Woo hoo!