One Room Challenge - Week Three

Okay friends…it's week three!  I'm going to keep it short and sweet this morning, with just a couple of quick updates for you. 

If you're new here…welcome, and feel free to catch up on weeks one and two updates here and here. Be sure to head over to Calling it Home to see everyone else's Week Three progress as well!

There hasn't been a whole lot of action on the project this week. I did snag a few great props while out and about. This palm was a steal at Ikea:

But let's back up for a quick second. Here are some of my inspiration images, as a reminder of what I'm going for. It's tropical, white/bright, full of texture and lots of green! Realistically, the huge green leaves are going to take some time. Bringing a few plants in now is a great start…each year, they'll grow, and we can add more gradually. I shared previously that my perfectionism has blocked me from tackling this space in previous years. But, I've decided to do what I can to create a great foundation we can build on going forward, and I'm excited about it. 

The space mid-painting...

And these goodies I snagged at a thrift store last week! I've been keeping my eyes peeled for anything bamboo/rattan/wicker, and spotted these on the ground, in a corner. After a quick assessment, I knew what I'd do with them… you'll have to wait and see! 

And, yippee!! I've come to realize that I'm more likely to use things if they're pretty. I tend to block them out of my mind if they stress me out visually. We have a really nice grill (gifted to us) that I'm sorry to say has hardly been used! When I saw this grill cover recently, I knew it was a great idea for me. I texted my talented seamstress (/welder/carpenter/mom -of-six/among other things!) sister this morning and she's agreed to make me one. Just need to get her the fabric in time for her to turn it around and get it back to me in time! (She lives in Michigan.) We can do it! 

custom grill cover via  one kings lane

custom grill cover via one kings lane

And, it's time to put this out there, mainly for accountability's sake. I would really, really like to install a long row of curtains that will essentially act as a fence between ours and and the empty (messy, overgrown) lot next door. This isn't the best depiction of what I'm envisioning, but it's the basic concept. Curtains on a rod or wire. I will definitely need to bring in some help on this project, as it's beyond my skill set, but I'm really hopeful that we can pull it off. Eek!

Outdoor space via  Southern Living

Outdoor space via Southern Living

Lastly, look at these lovely ferns spotted at The Home Depot yesterday! Would love to include a few…so pretty!

And that's it for now! Starting to feel the momentum of a looming deadline, which helps me a lot. Excited about reaching the finishing line on this one!