current client project: office refresh

Giving progress updates on client projects is not the easiest for me! I'm very much inside my head through the entire process, and it's hard for me to stop and pause to communicate the steps along the way when we're moving along and editing and shifting and tweaking the plans all the way! I usually prefer to share a big, TA-DA, with the finished product! BUT I'm going to attempt to do better at this! There's so much going on behind the scenes, so in the hopes that this is interesting/helpful/fun to you at all, I'll do my best to share at least some of this. (I know I very much enjoy hearing this part of other designer's process, so with this in mind maybe the same will be true for me and you. :))

This is a pastor's office at a local church. He's been working in the space for about ten years without ever making any changes to really make the room reflect his own style and needs. There is a whole lot of brown in the room at the moment: brown desk, brown credenza, brown meeting table/chairs, brown walls…you get the idea. Above is the plan I presented to him and am waiting for feedback/approval on!

We're keeping the carpet, but pretty much everything else is getting at least some kind of facelift. The currently dark brown table & chair set will be painted glossy black and the seat cushions reupholstered. At the moment, the room feels fairly small and cramped, and you feel pulled in every direction as there's no clear focal point. By lightening the walls (including the bookcases which line about half the perimeter of the room), the black table/chairs will be the grounding focal point in the center of the room. I'm also hoping to do some further streamlining by unifying the four (!) doors in the space. Between these four doors (main entrance, closet, bathroom, exterior), there are three different types of trim. Also, the exterior door is a few inches shorter than the other three. As they're all fairly close to one another, it creates a bit of a hodgepodge effect and I'm really hoping to remedy this! 

Katie Gavigan Interiors

We'll also replace a few of the large pieces of furniture with pieces that are a better fit for the space. For example, there's a huge storage cabinet which isn't really needed. It will be removed and in its place will be a petite loveseat for additional/alternate seating. 

It's actually a fairly simple refresh we're doing, but these changes will make a HUGE difference. I can hardly wait to see it come to life, and to share before/after photos with you!

What the above plan doesn't illustrate is that the bookcases really are a major force in this room! They are pretty much full of books, but you know I can't wait to get my hands on those and style up a storm. I'm also hoping to hang a few pieces of art on the fronts of them, to break up the shelves and shelves (and shelves) of books! I LOVE the sense of character in a bookcase, and having this multiplied is just amazing. With a fresh coat of paint (including the beautiful blue on the backs of the shelves) and styling, It's going to be so good! 

Katie Gavigan Interiors

The office has a small, adjoining bathroom which we'll freshen up as well. Most likely will go with the same paint color as the office walls for continuity, and replace a few fixtures with more modern (but still classic) models. It's a little stuffy and dated now, but these minimal changes will make a big impact.

We're aiming to finish this month (!!), which means I'll surely be documenting progress in the coming weeks on instagram

p.s. Is this kind of update interesting/fun to read? What else would you like to see/hear about? I'd love to hear - don't be shy!