the plan, and some simple projects, for our deck makeover

Yesterday, I shared some of my inspiration and thought process as I've gathered tons of ideas for our outdoor living space. While I'm still in the process of crafting the overall vibe/mood/concept in my head, I'm forging ahead and making at least some of the specific decisions now, so let's delve in!

As I mentioned, we're working with a very limited budget but I'm determined not to let this stop me! I'm ready to get my hands dirty with a few great diy projects, and get creative with some items we have already. One of my main missions is to make the space feel more like a room or living space. A few ways I'm hoping to make this happen are by brining in art, lighting and furniture. Also, maybe using a couple of large, potted plants to help create separate areas. 

One of the first projects is already on the calendar and I am EXCITED! Within the next couple of weeks, the deck will be stained and sealed. I'm considering painting a simple but funky design on the deck floor. I'd love a couple of area rugs, but a painted pattern seems like a great (lower cost and maintenance) alternative for now. My schedule next week will determine whether I try to pull this off, or just leave it plain!

At least as of now, I'm leaning towards a rather calm (for me!) overall color palette. I really want it be a relaxing space where the plants, rather than color, bring the life factor. Also, I really want to focus right now on building a solid, classic foundation that we can add to over time. 

The back of the house (which borders the deck) will be a creamy white. I LOVE how a good off-white gives a washed-out glow on a bright, sunny day (see both images below - ahhhhh). I'm pretty sure I've landed on a rich, classic olive green for the fence which runs along one side of the yard. Again - I don't want to compete with the greenery! As for the coral…I'm not sure exactly if/how that will be used, but I'm loving the way it plays off the green and would like to use it to steer my direction as the plans unfold... (I know I should show you guys pictures of the space currently, but trust me that they just wouldn't be very exciting at this point! I'll share 'befores' once I have 'afters' to compliment them! ;))

I think one of the reasons I'm so drawn to the bench above is the built-in nature of it. While this isn't happening for us at the moment, I'm scheming some ways to achieve a semi-built-in look with the cinder block bench idea above. Also, deep seats are a must for lounging, napping, pulling up my feet. 

I'm not focusing so much on furniture at the moment, I do want to find the right balance of outdoor-safe pieces that don't look it!  I think this is a key component of achieving a cozy and inviting space that really feels like an extension of the home. I admit it's a bit tricky, but I'm keeping this focus in mind as the plan evolves!

One outstanding question is how to address a rickety wood fence running along the entire back edge of the yard. I'm stumped on how to address it! Mulling over some cosmetic fix ideas. We have some great plants in front of it, and they deserve a prettier backdrop! But I also don't want something that looks temporary/cheap.  I need a simple, inexpensive solution here - I'm open to suggestions! 

Also accepting volunteers for some exciting diy projects I need to tackle over the next two weeks. I can promise it will be rewarding, at least! Let me know if you're in! ;)