planning an outdoor room or two...

As you might imagine, most of my efforts and attention over the years have been focused on the indoor spaces of our home. I've definitely had bursts of inspiration and intentions of wanting to cozify our deck and yard, but it just hasn't risen to the surface. And I've realized, part of the problem is that I've been going about it the wrong way. 

See, in my head there are grand plans. Separate seating and eating areas. Large, overgrown plants and fruit trees. Ideal furniture, greenery and living spaces. But then it occurred to me… I have these visions for the inside of our house as well, but I've never let this stop me from starting somewhere! I've decorated and furnished our home with patience…thrifting, collecting, searching, creating, saving and letting the creative juices flow. This summer will mark six years in our house, and I think it's about time our outdoor spaces get the love they deserve!

I'm trying hard not to bite off more than I can chew. I've put together a list of random supplies and furnishings from my stash that I believe I can repurpose with style. These combined with a few simple diy projects and some elbow grease and we'll have a solid foundation to build on over time. Today I'm keeping it on the dreaming / inspiration side of things and tomorrow I'll dive into some specific plans and projects. 

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1 / 2

As I've combed through dozens of inspiration images, I tried hard to narrow down my focus both with the style direction as well as tangible goals. It's hard, because just like with interiors, I love so many different styles! Also, realistically the direction will be influenced by the pieces I end up finding in our budget. This means the direction could change at any time…but I have to start somewhere! Here are a few of my top inspiring spaces and themes...

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1 / 2 (source unknown) / 3

1 (source unknown) / 2  ruthie sommers

1 (source unknown) / 2 ruthie sommers

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As you can see, some of the ideas actually contradict one another! I've gone back and forth about whether to try for a serene, white/bright space, or succumb to my inevitable maximalism! What's a girl to do?! Well, I think there's a happy medium to be found.

As for the style direction, the foundation will be kept clean and bright (oh, did I mention we're also planning to paint the back of the house?! Yippee!!). The foundational pieces will also be mainly neutral. Color will come in the form of textiles, art and plants… not so different from how I've approached our interiors! Hmmm. :) 

And as for those overgrown plants, vines and trees…maybe we'll have them someday. For now, I'm just really, really excited to have a plan and some next steps in the works! Come back tomorrow to find out which projects I'm hoping to tackle during the next few weeks.

p.s. Given that I'm completely smitten with an indoor/outdoor lifestyle, I'v been gathering tons of inspiration for years here and here on pinterest, if you're looking for more eye candy!