A little living room update

I admit, it's hard for me to prioritize the more "unseen" elements of a room. But I also really value comfort, and sometimes these are the pieces that bring that added comfort level - things like a nice mattress, quality fill in upholstered pieces, and rug pads. 

Until recently, I didn't completely appreciate the difference a nice rug pad could make. Given that a rug in itself is often a decent investment, I wasn't always up for shelling out the extra for a higher-end rug pad. 

However, I knew our living room rug pad had seen better days and lost any little bit of cushy-ness it may have had when it was new (a few years ago!). So, I really was pretty excited when Rug Pad USA contacted me about trying out one of theirs.  

Happy feet are underrated! We went with the Eco-Cushion Non-Slip version, and LOVE it. There's nothing like a little cushion in your step to take a room to the next level of coziness, and I'm all about this. Of course, replacing the rug pad required turning over the entire room, which inevitably inspired a few changes…art switched up, a few lamps and accessories rearranged. 

You may have noticed a few touches of fall decor in these photos…these were just packed up and out this morning, Christmas music is playing, and I'm so excited to dive into Christmas decorating later today. It's the most wonderful time of the year! 

Rug pad was generously provided by Rug Pad USA; all words and opinions are my own! Thanks for supporting the companies who support this blog!