use what you have

It's been so long! I feel bad about this, but instead of making excuses (because I know you all understand that life happens), let's just jump right in...

This time of the year really stirs the stylist in me. I think there are a few contributing factors going on here. One is the change in the air, which always makes me crave a change in scenery/ atmosphere. Also, with the slightest hint of 'winter,' it's all the more real that the holidays are approaching along with the many fun decorating opportunities they bring. (I use the term 'winter' here very loosely, having grown up in Michigan and well aware that a slight crisp in the air does not a winter make…but after 13 years in San Francisco I'm wired differently, and I'll take it!)

Growing up, my parents always held firm to the "no Christmas tree before Thanksgiving" rule. In fact, my mom liked to wait until even closer to the Christmas holiday before the decorations came out. I find in myself a tension - there's an anticipation about decking the halls, and part of me can't wait to bring out the boxes of sparkle and cheer. But there's something about waiting that's also appealing to me…just makes it feel a little more special. Also, I can't quite wrap my head around enjoying Thanksgiving dinner with a Christmas tree nearby! 

Something I've been noticing is that even as I start to see more and more holiday scenes appearing (at stores, on social media, etc.), I'm still okay with taking it slower, at my own pace. In previous years, I think there was more of a tension. As soon as the holiday decor started showing up, I already felt behind! And in reality, there was no catching up, which means I felt behind before I even began. So silly. 

Maybe it's influenced by a broader shift in my perspective, or it could just be that I hit a threshold and had to make a decision. Either way, I'm clear about my focus this year. Autumn-like objects and moments are moving around the house and we're squeezing every bit of festivity from them! The orange pumpkins are going to serve us well through Thanksgiving. We may be hosting Thanksgiving, but I'm quite sure our current supplies are more than enough! Dried branches are beautiful and may even carry through to Christmas. Produce waiting to be prepared makes a lovely centerpiece. 

And in the coming weeks, when we do decide to bring out the Christmas decor, I'm excited about the opportunity to discover new uses for our existing decorations. We've decided to embrace the idea of #useandlovewhatyouhave … join us?