Inspiration - how much is too much?

Inspiration overload is real, isn't it? And it's a funny thing, how too many good ideas can end up cancelling each other out and bringing me to a place of feeling paralyzed. I've been spending a little less time on social media recently, and this exercise always brings the interesting result of feeling more free, more inspired, and more ready to bring my own personal mark of creativity to the world. 

Katie Gavigan Interiors Master Bedroom

Along with this, I went through my instagram feed and cleaned out some old photos. This also struck me in some surprising ways. Although many of the older photos were less polished, and just different given how my taste has evolved over the years, there was something refreshing about tapping into that freedom of expression. Remember when instagram was new and exciting? For me at least, I could feel the sense of creative freedom as I scrolled through those old photos. Part of this was the fun of filters (good and bad!) and playing with photography, but it was also the lack of concern about any perceived audience or lack thereof. Whether I like it or not, there's an awareness with every photo I post now - I don't know many of the viewers personally, and there's a bit of pressure that comes with this, no matter how much I tell myself this is silly. It's a constant tension for me. Don't get me wrong - I don't carefully curate my gallery, and I certainly don't consider myself an excellent photographer - but by nature I'm pretty tough on myself, and there's a certain standard I hold myself to... again, both conscious and unconscious. All this to say, I kind of miss those old days of informal instagram, and although I don't think we can go back in time, I am wanting to learn from this realization. 

Katie Gavigan Interiors

Something similar could be (and has been!) said about blogging. Personally, my favorite bloggers are those who have kept a sense of informality even as their blogs have grown. 

Anyway - with this hitting me in a fresh way recently, rather than feeling overwhelmed, it feels like a good revelation. Rather than giving up before I begin, I'm taking time today to add my voice to this story. 


So, here's a quick and informal update about some happenings around here. I believe I promised some updates would be shared in January about a little living room refresh. I'm late on this for a few reasons... one, I'm still going back and forth about my idea to paint the living room. I was super inspired by the many cozy shots of Ben Pentreath's living room and even painted test swatches of a pinky peach on a few walls. And I was so ready to go... and then got attached to my white walls again. Anyway, I'm still on the fence here but in the meantime have made some minor changes!

Katie Gavigan Interiors Living Room

These curtains were installed, and after years of wanting to add curtains to this wall, they are a lovely addition. I wanted something different, and I'd say we succeeded here! There's still an outstanding project to finish these off. I'm not a big fan of grommets, so I'm planning to add a band of fabric to cover the grommets, and they'll hang from rings with clips. The clips actually make them the perfect length (they're a little short without them, which you can see if you look closely at the above photo). I'm torn between something really bold for the band of accent fabric (to bring out the hot pink in the pattern, maybe!), or a more subtle color. 

In my urge to add some soft pink to the room, I picked up this fitted sheet at Goodwill for $1.49 and threw it over the daybed. I usually prefer using a thicker fabric here for a more tailored look, but this a great fix for now. 

Katie Gavigan Interiors Living Room

This black mirror was also moved from the hallway for a recent photo shoot (this shot needed some black!), and I'm liking it. I think it will stay awhile. And for the record, the small purple drum table isn't what we use there everyday. This was also a staging move - the table that usually lives here is tall enough to reach from the sofa. :) 

I'm so curious - how do you balance wanting to soak up all the inspiration at our fingertips with the inevitable burnout that follows? Do you limit your social media time? Intentionally incorporate other, more quality sources of inspiration to your routine/life? Sometimes it can be as simple as taking a walk, but that doesn't mean I always choose the healthier/more fulfilling option. You?