With a passion to see HOME celebrated in daily life...

Katie is driven by a desire to help others embrace the potential in their homes. She believes that every home should be a place that is fully enjoyed, lived in and where memories are made.

Katie and her husband, Tim, are Michigan natives who have called San Francisco home for fifteen years. On a daily basis, Katie is inspired by her diverse and beautiful city as well as the irresistible indoor-outdoor lifestyle that is California.

Known for a collected, fresh, relaxed and classic style, what she values most are spaces that truly reflect and inspire the people who live there. Unexpected details give each space its own distinct and personal design. She mixes high and low, old and new to create rich and inviting spaces. Invoking comfort and delighting the senses are key in her design process, skillfully combining just the right blend of color, patterns, textures, furnishings and accessories to create a welcoming atmosphere of cozy.

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